Obscenely Tall Dancer

This dude was so busy freaking out all the children with his fancy stilt-work, he had to leash his attack puppy to a fire hydrant to guard the Airstream (and prevent unnecessary hipster maulings).  Yes, it’s being towed by an Acura SUV with a kayak.

Let’s see, I’m just going to categorize this one as “Life in the Mission” and call it a day.


Global Warming is Real

6 Responses to “Obscenely Tall Dancer”

  1. Adam says:

    Wait, is this the same moron I saw getting gas the other night in the Lower Haight? The tongue weight on the trailer was WAY too high for the Acura — its front wheels were almost off the ground and all sorts of terrible noises were emanating from somewhere.

  2. Phwomp says:

    Just to clarify, the stilt dancer and the owner of the Airstream are two different people, the latter having told me he had driven up from Daly City to see this ‘Dolores Park’ all the kids were talking about.

  3. someJuan says:

    Did the Mazda MDX get ticketed for parking alongside a fire hydrant?

  4. David says:

    That’s me on the stilts! And that was not my camper. I was just hanging out. You missed my friend wearing an guitar and amplifier on his back.

  5. ultracore says:

    That silver camper thing was fucking obnoxious. Did someone seriously stake out a spot early in the AM so they could blast their shit-rock jams for all the hipsters trying to have a pleasant Dolores Park afternoon? Fuck that guy, I did not appreciate being made to sip beers all the way back next to the tight-rope burners.