Amiable DJ Shutdown

We witnessed most of the most pleasant DJ-police interactions we’ve ever seen in Dolores Park over the weekend.  Look at those wide smiles on the faces of everyone involved!  The whole scene lasted less than a minute, with the officer walking up and having a word followed by the DJs immediately complying.

Everyone must have been pretty techno’d out because catcalls of “Fuck the Police” were muted and sparse.  Or maybe it was just because the sun was going down (albeit epically).

6 Responses to “Amiable DJ Shutdown”

  1. ciao says:

    what is it about people who listen to techno thinking that everyone else in the world wants to listen to their techno super loud and going to extreme lengths to achieve this goal? it would be nice to have a Saturday in the park without being at a rave.

  2. SCUM says:

    What a waste of vinyl.

  3. Stone says:

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