Snail pho and more from Rice, Paper, Scissors at 6pm tonight

That’s right.  Snail pho, along with a few other Vietnamese street food delectables at the latest pop up occurrence of Rice, Paper, Scissors, happening at 6pm tonight until they run out (it always does) at 20th and Shotwell!  Check out this ambitious menu:

  • Thousand Year Old Egg with Pickled Shallots and Silken Tofu
  • Water Fern Cake
  • Imperial Rolls
  • Snail Pho with a Tomato Broth
  • Green Papaya Salad with Duck Confit - veggie option w/ fried tofu -
  • Handmade Pate and Charcuterie Banh Mi
  • Mung Bean Sticky Rice
  • Coconut Sorbet with Black Sesame Powder

Seriously.  Follow this delightful duo on twitter so you know when the next one pops up!

Perhaps Vic, just back from Vietnam, will be able to tell us just how authentic it is!

[Photo by PizzaHacker]

7 Responses to “Snail pho and more from Rice, Paper, Scissors at 6pm tonight”

  1. Shoulder Probs says:

    Seriously, this took an hour to write??

    (Oh, and nice job with the gender bias on your anti-spammer message!)

  2. brendan says:

    You wrote this before your injury. Whining about how this took an hour to write makes you seem like a buffoon.