Illustrated review of last week’s Radiolab show at the Brava Theater

Not sure how I missed this (oh yeah, I was in ‘nam), but WNYC’s Radiolab did a live taping at the Mission’s Brava Theater last week, hosted by another heavy hitter in the podcasting scene (and SF native!), Jesse Thorn. Illustrator Jay Sacher was there, and whipped up an excellent illustrated review at

If you haven’t heard it, Radiolab is like the this American Life of science radio. They take a broad science topic, like “symmetry” in this case, and do a number of stories on it. Jay points out that their production is a bit cutesy and they sometimes glaze over the real science to drive their narrative home, but I maintain that it’s still an entertaining show and you should totally add it to your podcast list because it will totally impress people “in the know”.

Head over to for the full piece.

[Thanks for the tip, Suzanne!]

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