Valencia pranksters up to something again

All has been quiet at this mysterious apartment on Valencia at Liberty since their botched escape attempt, so naturally I was intrigued as to what this latest piece of gadgetry might be.  If you’re too lazy to walk by yourself, there’s a few closer looks after the jump:

There’s some wide plastic tubing that leads all the way up to the apartment above where it appears to be connected to the living room.  At street level, there’s this old slide show contraption and some curious lighting inside, but sadly no motion pictures.  I yelled into the tube in hopes that my voice would be transmitted upstairs and the device would be activated, but nothing happened, so as of press time we’re still clueless.

What is it?  A seizure inducer?  Hypnosis transmitter?  Perhaps some knowledgeable street detective can fill us in on this mystery!

The Plot Thickens: Our pal Julius points out an interesting feature that we seem to have missed!  A sidewalk diagram beneath this curiosity that shows you where to stand:


Old-school Hollywood-style bed sheet escape ends badly

7 Responses to “Valencia pranksters up to something again”

  1. Andy says:

    I bet it’s a speaker of some kind, and they speak to people who walk by.

    I sure hope they didn’t mutilate a good wide-angle lens attachment in the process!!

  2. Josh says:

    It looks like a camera and the designated area to stand would make sense.

  3. joe says:

    It looks like an upside down periscope (using a video camera instead of mirrors).

  4. beccabook says:

    Awwwwww they gave me a little brown paper package tied up with string and inside was a fortune cookie that read “can I have your number” andohmygodyouguysorsocute. – Last night they had a little bell for people to ring and then they dropped down presents for everyone. The person next to me got “there is nothing to learn here” they musta been super into me. can probably see down my shirt from up there.

  5. beccabook says:

    PS my number is 404 702 4277*
    *please do not call unless you are prepared to give me cute fortune cookies

  6. michael westerman says:

    i saw a paper bag hanging from a rope that made chirping noises and rustled as if filled with chicks

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