Bee ‘attacks’ not really attacks after all

Our pal Iron Davy (half of the team responsible for our recent redesign) explains (he’s a bee expert):

My bad! Next time I’ll title the post “Bee party rocks the Mission!” [link]

6 Responses to “Bee ‘attacks’ not really attacks after all”

  1. el jeffe says:

    I’ve been noticing a lot more bees around lately, in general. Not a bad thing, as I like bees. Is there a beekeeper somewhere in the neighborhood?

  2. mary says:

    there’s a bee keeper in bernal near the top of alabama. not sure if that could be contributing.

  3. Brock Keeling says:


  4. wcw says:

    As I said *way back when*, bees are rarely less aggressive than in a swarm. Just leave them alone.

    My grandfather was a beekeeper. Beestings ain’t so bad.

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