Is the 16th St BART Station the newest pop-up music venue?

So this happened around 12am this morning outside the BART station. Just like a scene from Dolores Park, people showed up en masse to Royal Gate for some Jimi Hendrix covers while brown-bagging it. Who knew?

Update: Apparently a lot of people knew this, just not me. Commenter Plumpy sent us the info on this weekly outdoor open mic night hosted by 16th & Mission.

12 Responses to “Is the 16th St BART Station the newest pop-up music venue?”

  1. Lamar Latrell says:

    Bathe people, bathe!

  2. SCUM says:

    Hipsters and Hippies are gentrifying Royal Gate.

    • batman says:

      NOT THE ROYAL GATE ! damm !

    • Of the many wonderful things about our fair city getting snuffed out beneath the designer boots of advancing yuppie hordes, i would taxonomically liken Royal Gate unto something like ginkgo: it’s a living fossil, unique and highly resistant to the ravages of time. The ‘hood may change, but Royal Gate remains the same. (They said the same thing about God in Sunday school when i was a kid, but lets not leap from that hyperbolic ledge quite yet.)

      This is no mere PBR, which despite being little more than piss in a can, remains palatable. There is nothing palatable about Royal Gate. Even the act of drinking it connotes its misuse; i’m convinced its intended method of delivery was via an intravenous drip. Read: one drinks Royal Gate for the sole purpose of fucking their shit up. It’s not a fashion statement, a gesture of solidarity with the downtrodden working class, nor any other pathetic hipster justification for drinking cheap booze. No, Royal Gate is the cheapest method of getting blacked out enough to brave the shady and potentially homicidal thugs along your path to scoring harder drugs, and cheap enough that, after you’ve spent all your money on aforementioned harder drugs, you can still afford a bottle to ward off the DTs the next morning.

      “Royal Gate: Gentrification-Proof”

  3. one time says:

    This has been going on for a long time – it’s a Thursday night poetry/music thingy. Sometimes shockingly horrible and other times surprisingly good.

  4. plumpy says:

    Yeah, how have you never seen this before? It’s every single Thursday at 9pm, though it obviously dies down in the winter. I’ve grabbed a beer and watched it a few times. It’s entertaining, though not really in the way they intend.

  5. thorn says:

    bands have been playing on and off again at 16th and 24th st bart since at least 98. typically its in the afternoon though…

  6. MungoBungoSF says:

    OMG people play music on the street in the Mission!? OMG

  7. “Newest pop-up music venue?” We’re only about to celebrate our 8th anniversary…but i suppose we can pretend ‘newest’ is a relative term.

  8. Guido says:

    I saw a bum shit where those people are sitting. I’ve seen it more than once. Have fun shit sitters.