Naturally caffeinated yerba maté IPA makes a good Four Loko replacement?

Janebook had hypothesized that it would. Here’s what actually happened:

Yesterday Aaron got me a MateVeza, that yerba maté IPA I anticipated as a replacement to Four Loko. Unfortunately it has two fatal flaws: (1) it’s so hoppy that it kind of tastes like cured meat, which is weird, (2) although I definitely felt the maté buzz, it’s not alcoholic enough to get me drunk. There’s a big difference between 7% and 12%. Ah well, it was definitely worth trying.

Bummer! Good effort though, Janebook. Read on for more about Jane’s weekend.

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4 Responses to “Naturally caffeinated yerba maté IPA makes a good Four Loko replacement?”

  1. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    dude this stuff is terrible, tried it @ amnesia for 5 bucks and discovered that this is a beer for no one. if you like IPA you’ll think it tastes like McTeafest09 and its unbearable.

    if you’re trying to drink something like four loko for the speedball effect, not enough alc and too much grossness. ps you wouldnt like IPA anyways.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    What’s wrong with Jaeger bombs?

  3. d says:

    NATURALLY caffeinated? Not interested.

  4. Naturally caffeinated Irish coffee never let me down ;)