A weekend of unknown, underground, obscure and forgotten music in San Francisco

S.S. Records changed my life. One cold night some time in the last 10 years I was driving past some college town on an interstate, when I heard a song on the town’s college radio station. It was evil, man. It was slimy. And dark, but also bright and rad and sexy. It was “Your Body” by Frustration:

S.S. wasn’t even responsible for the recording, but I looked up the band and they were associated with S.S., and so I read about S.S. and started listening to other S.S. stuff and buying as much S.S. stuff from Needles + Pens as I possibly could. I’ve always been into weird music, but this was a special brand of weird. This was expertly curated weird, and it made me want more. Fortunately, S.S. is still going strong — and celebrating 10 years as a label this year — and the main event is this weekend right here in San Francisco.

Frustration isn’t on the bill, but a lot of their labelmates are, and everyone on the bill is similarly raw and similarly out-there and similarly viscerally exciting. Here’s what the S S 1 0 website has to say:

Over the last ten years, the label has built a reputation for discovering great unknown bands, finding hidden underground music scene throughout the world, and digging up obscure and forgotten recordings.

To celebrate it’s tenth anniversary, S.S. has put together a weekend of music in San Francisco. This is what we have planned:

Friday, May 20
A Frames**
Hank IV
Charles Albright
w/ dj Mitch Cardwell
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM
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Saturday, May 21
Nothing People
Wounded Lion
w/ dj Ryan Wells
@ Bottom of the Hill, 8:30 PM
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Sunday, May 22

The Mantles
3 Toed Sloth
+ record swap
@ Hemlock Tavern, 4 PM Swap, 6 PM Show
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5 Responses to “A weekend of unknown, underground, obscure and forgotten music in San Francisco”

  1. I’m totes there for all the shows!!!

  2. sam says:

    Wow, this is awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of any of these bands except Frustration before. But what an awesome label. Will have to check out some of those shows.

  3. Corpus Nerd says:

    The A Frames are still playing music? There is good in the universe…

  4. click says:

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