KKKatie is definitely back in action

The White House thing and the cop car thing may have been old news, as some commenters have suggested. But this one, as you can see clear as day, has a big old “2011″ on it, so, yes, KKKatie is BBBack!

[via Men Frackles]

18 Responses to “KKKatie is definitely back in action”

  1. wat says:


  2. z power says:

    POV means either PEZ or Mike Giant put her in the crew… blame either of them

  3. Joshua says:

    her tags have gotten a lot better! maybe she’ll make it after all

  4. Sweet T says:

    I’m not sure if this particular ironic gesture is very amusing. It’s kinda’ like dressing up as Hitler for Halloween.

  5. drugs crew says:

    Kopy Kat Katie

  6. Joseph says:

    This is the same woman that called told some guy that she’d accuse some guy of rape if he called the cops on her tagging then called him a nigger and tried to spray paint him. That memory isn’t something a cute font can easily erase. Maybe she should try changing her name to RRRita and start over as a less despicable person.

  7. prince says:

    That piece of shit has not had enough physical punishment in her life.

  8. Steve says:

    Are you sure that’s not like a tribute to her or something? Her tags are nowhere near that good.

  9. Pedro Navaja says:

    I’ve seen her crap in half a dozen spots, including an African man’s truck on Golden Gate….it’s still on the truck.The pictured tag isn’t hers; there’s no way that her tagging could have “improved” in such short time.

  10. Tuffy says:

    There are so many better modern-times, scoflaw outlaws to romanticize. Colton A. Harris-Moore or that learning disabled dude that likes to knife giant exercise balls. Why do you keep wasting precious internet space on this idiot?

  11. MIKE T says:

    she bout to get wrapped again, should have changed her tag what a rook

  12. Nigel Mansell says:

    Yup, still looks like shit.

  13. T.C. says:

    thanks mission mission for giving her the attention she desperately needs.

  14. marco says:

    Looks more ORFN-like.