Kelly from Indie Mart needs your help to beat cancer

If you have ever been to Indie Mart, read The Bold Italic, or experienced a class at Workshop, you probably know who Kelly Malone is, and found that she is a creative force to be reckoned with. Kelly has recently been diagnosed with an advanced stage cancer, and needs our help to pay for the expensive treatments that she needs. From the Workshop website:

Originally dropped from her previous insurance because of the cancer diagnosis, Kelly has had no chance of obtaining new health insurance due to this pre-existing condition. Through this all, Kelly keeps a smile on her face and continues to give back to San Francisco, often devoting much of her own income and sweat to continue businesses that enrich the city. As a successful small business owner, designer, artist, event planner, part of the Treasure Island Music Festival & Noise Pop, Kelly has been able to keep up with medical bills through the ongoing treatments, surgeries, and chemotherapy schedules. But this latest diagnosis requires a treatment path that will exceed her financial abilities, and most likely require her to take a hiatus from her businesses. So she is now asking San Francisco for a helping hand.

Over the next few months, several fundraisers and donation drives will help raise the funds to pay for surgeries, chemotherapy, hospital stays, medication and care. Though Kelly has taken on the task of superhero in past bouts with cancer, always working during her treatment schedules, this time she needs to take a few months off so that she can go heavier on her treatment and kick cancer for good. If you’ve been to an Indie Mart, if you have been to a class at Workshop, if you have been to a Kelly Malone event, or if you are simply a fan of Kelly’s mission, and willing to help out, we ask that you help out.

We adore Kelly, and have been chronicling her comings and goings for ages, and we wish her a quick and easy recovery. You can click here to donate, and any amount is greatly appreciated.

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10 Responses to “Kelly from Indie Mart needs your help to beat cancer”

  1. kelly kicks serious ass– and throws killer parties to boot. we wish her the best.

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    I don’t know her personally, but cheap dietary cures for cancer include stopping the eating of dairy, meat, and sugar, and decreasing body fat. Anything that helps the immune system also helps. Warm baths, low stress, breathing exercises, long walks on the beach, etc. Good luck Kelly!

    • bobby r says:

      You’re a fucking idiot. When you became an oncologist, did they tell you specifically to recommend stop eating sugar and warm baths to cure cancer?


      • Corpus Nerd says:

        I’m not an oncologist, but cancer is a disease of the immune system, and anything that suppresses the immune system makes the cancer worse. I personally know a cancer survivor who beat the disease and part of her strategy was to stop eating sugar because it is a potent immunosuppressant. Many actual oncologists would agree with me bobby r.

        • reddiva says:

          Bobby R, I can only assume you have NO CLUE how insensitive, hurtful and useless these replies are to Kelly & those who love her.. As the widow [22 months] of a fine, generous , talented community leader lost to cancer & a breast cancer survivor myself, I know! My beloved & I dealt with “help’ like this throughout his last , well documented year. I received more than my share while having cancer surgery & chemo myself. Do you really think that any of this is news to her???? Trust me, I’m sure Kelly has researched, learned & made her own choices about these things in a way I hope you never have to experience. This is one of the most passive aggressive common expressions of cancer phobia….or blaming the patient. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that you are not deliberately cruel….but selfish & narcissistic?? YES Either be truely helpful or STFU. you are helping nothing but your own self important ego.

          • reddiva says:

            This is NOT directed at Bobby R….I am so sorry. But it IS directed at Corpus Nerd very wrong of me t send it to the wrong poster

    • reddiva says:

      Gosh….that left me so shaking with anger I posted a reply to the WRONG person. Corpus Nerd? Are you kidding??? Wow, loss of body fat..easy, cancer takes care of that!! my deceased beloved was slim & fit but died skeletal. Stop dairy, meat & sugar?? No worries….a feeding tube pretty much eliminates junk food. Warm baths, low stress, breathing exercises & long walks on the beach? other than the breathing exercises…anyone who works as hard & does as much good as this gal deserves those but …when??? you said it all in the first sentence. “I don’t know her personally, but…”

  3. Corpus Nerd says:

    Also, I know it sounds tacky, but studies have shown that the immune system functions more efficiently when the body is in a warm and relaxed state, i.e. in a bath. Targeted radiation or other methods of eradicating cancer are probably more efficient, but as it was mentioned in Erika’s post, not everybody can afford them!

  4. dazzle me says:

    if i hadn’t already married some other broad and sort of lost track of her without ever getting divorced, i’d marry this one so that she can just bust up to canada. but barring that, maybe you could repost this asking some canadian readers to do a quickie marriage, apply whatever money she has to the immigration application, and then just walk into a hospital up there and get the necessary treatments gratis.

    as a sort of aside, if there’s some selection, i’d go with someone in vancouver, just because i find that the waits in my native quebec are significantly longer than over in the vanistan. the unfortunate thing about that course, however, is that french canadians are way more handsome, more intelligent, and generally better all around than the other canadians. it’s a hard call, but for the moment, i’d guess that the cancer trumps the more carnal/amity considerations.