MM Sunday Bloody Sunday Bloody Marython

Thanks again to everyone who came out to Sunday’s Bloody Marython! We had a much larger group than last time and walked a lot farther (obstructed by Carnival no less) thanks to my ambitious planning, but that still wasn’t enough to hamper our quest for indulgence!  We made it to three spots from the original list before things became a bit too unwieldy, but we’re happy to report that they each brought their Sunday best and provided exceptional, unique Bloody Mary refreshment in their own ways.

In the end, things were too close to call in choosing a clear winner, as each bartender brought their own distinctive touch to the task at hand, whether it was bacon, cheese, or a veritable salad in your glass.  Nonetheless, we’ve highlighted all the best parts of each program in the links to each bar below, so without further ado, allow us to present the Sunday Bloody Sunday Bloody Marython wrap-up:

Thieves Tavern


The Phone Booth

[Photo by Ariel]

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