Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra at the Bottom of the Hill this Saturday

Listen up you jive turkeys, did you see 2009 blaxploitation revival film Black Dynamite? No? Well get a load of this:

Yeah, way better than that crappy Shaft remake starring Samuel L. Jackson.

As amazing as the vintage Super 8 video production style of the movie was, it would have fallen short without the original soundtrack provided by genius Adrian Younge. This guy wrote, recorded, edited, and performed all the instruments on the epic Curtis Mayfield/Isaac Hayes-inspired score. I hear he’s also a law professor. Here’s a sample, the Black Dynamite theme:

Adrian’s group, the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra will be performing their last ever show at the Bottom of the Hill this Saturday, so you’d better make it out if you’re a fan. They will be playing hits from the soundtrack like “Jimmy’s Dead” and other originals.  A soul group I play in, Lord Loves a Working Man, will be opening along with rockin rhythm and grit band  the Struts.

Show starts at 9pm, costs 10 bucks (advance tix). The details are on facebook, can you dig it?

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