Pica Pica wall keeps changing


But these guys are not half-assing it. Solid art.

Kevin sees the new piece as homophobic, depicting Dan Plasma as a feminine tiger (sitting on flowers, long eyelashes). We know there’s controversy here. We know how Mike Giant feels about it. In a way it’s pretty amazing to be able to watch a dialogue play out through amazing artwork on a wall. We just wish it came with less beef.

11 Responses to “Pica Pica wall keeps changing”

  1. Top Heavy says:

    I don’t think Dan Plasma will respond – he’s busy http://www.flickr.com/photos/danplasma/6033725240/in/photostream

  2. Whatever says:

    Wow…he’s a keeper. Way to go ladies

  3. gross says:

    legal graffiti, woohoo. I cant read it but I think it says “boring”

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Definitely looks cool.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    They were still working on this today. Seems it’s not quite done yet.

  6. Not funny says:

    I ink Dan plasma needs to stop writing comments here for himself, hiding under a fake username.

    The new wall is awesome, Dan plasma’s wall was GARBAGE!!!

    Steel, Reyes, Persue…REAL ARTIST!

  7. SATAN says:

    so how is this homophobic? kind of a stupid inference..

  8. Not funny says:

    Dan, stop writing comments to back you up here. Not homophobic at all, they are just saying your style is girly

  9. Killah Priest says:

    all of these short grubby broke skater kids ban together against ol’ danny plasma and tag on his murals since he’d literally kill them all in a 1 on 1, reyes is like 5’2″ and fat, dan plasma trains ufc champions, not much of a contest…when no one is looking these kids are gonna get vamped by a pro…and I can’t say they don’t desrve it