Another way to disguise an unsightly porta-potty

I must say that I find this porta-potty disguise much less pretentious than our previously featured example.  Perhaps it’s the festive colors or the whimsical design that makes it look more like a miniature golf obstacle.  Regardless, I’d really like to know if the person behind this is also responsible for the colorful Cushman across the street!

(Thanks Jaimie!)


How to Disguise an Unsightly Porta-Potty

GWAR Porta-Potty

4 Responses to “Another way to disguise an unsightly porta-potty”

  1. Alicia says:

    I don’t have or need a port-a-potty, but how could you decide to disguise it and not paint it blue with “police box” lettered on the top? Such a missed opportunity here.

  2. krwe says:

    Pagoda porta potty, colorful Cushman and the Red Dot house are unrelated, other than living on my block.