Mural Missions

You’ve undoubtedly wandered past many murals here in the Mission.  Perhaps you’ve wondered how they originally got there, or perhaps you don’t even give a shit.  Should your proclivities tend towards the former, however, here are two distinct behind-the-scene looks of how it all goes down.  Above, there’s some serious ladder action going on for a mural in progress on the side of Casa Guadalupe at 26th Street, with more pics of the process here.  Below, check out a sweet timelapse of a commissioned mural now residing by the corner of Bartlett and 24th.

Study hard, then try it yourself (at home)!

4 Responses to “Mural Missions”

  1. Liam says:

    For some more on the history of murals in the mission, check out this article:

  2. Thrive says:

    That mural looks like a Napoleon Dynamite drawing. They should have commissioned someone to repair their existing mural….

  3. Sly Guy says:

    Nice video… Does anyone know what Bag Raiders album that song is on?

  4. Sly Guy says:

    Sounds like one of the Sunlight mixes, but I can’t tell…