Mission Beach Cafe is getting a parklet

[via Mid West Coast]

18 Responses to “Mission Beach Cafe is getting a parklet”

  1. StowawaySG says:

    Hooray!! A much closer place for fresh air after I’ve had too many at Martuni’s. (Too many equaling more than 1.5 at that place.)

  2. redbearded says:

    Can we stop calling them “Parklets” already? There is nothing park-like about them. At this point, they are just extensions of the the sidewalk so the adjacent cafe or restaurant can have al fresco dining.

  3. Your Face says:

    You mean The Love Shack is getting a parklet, sick!

  4. scum says:

    I don’t do the parklet thing because hanging out even closer to smog spewing cars isn’t my idea of a good time.

  5. So why no parklets along 18th between Dolores Park and Guerrero? Those have to be some of the most crowded sidewalks in the city. Tartine / Delfina / BiRite need to get on it.

    I know parking is a nightmare there, but converting 18th into a pedestrian promenade (or maybe bus/deliveries only) would certainly be interesting.

  6. friend says:

    burrito justice for city planner!
    i am a big fan of parks of all shapes and sizes – free public space that people take care of is pretty badass

  7. siobhan says:


  8. Tiny Tim says:

    Anything that reduces cars “hanging around”…but
    sitting next to speeding cars, or those idling at the 14th St. light? What a sumptuous delight for that overpriced, overcrowded brunch! But if a pork belly cheese omelet is on the menu, that would be an antidote to the exhaust entering your lungs. You see, the cholesterol of the pork, cheese and eggs counteracts the lipids circulating in your blood. Just Google lipids hydrocarbons blood effects .

    • siobhan says:

      Nah. Taking back the streets from those speeding, exhaust spewing cars on 14th. Fear the parklet, cars!