Stalls have arrived in Dear Mom’s female bathroom!

Rejoice! No more accidental butthole peeping!

[Photos via LLL and Jess]

9 Responses to “Stalls have arrived in Dear Mom’s female bathroom!”

  1. This situation is familiar to me. Is prepared to aid.

  2. Grammar Bitch says:

    Unless the facility itself is gendered, you mean “women’s” bathroom.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Little Girl’s Room? Ladies’ WC? Wenches’ Squat Shack? The Susan B. Anthony Memorial Poopery?

  3. Ladies’ John, which raises other question about gender.

    Bitches’ Biffy.

  4. Tuffy says:

    has it been tagged yet?

  5. Jules says:

    The bathroom was the least of their problems. Miserly pours, mean barkeeps and mediocre food will keep me from going back – though I live mere blocks away. Jay & Bee has them beat by a mile!