Sage fries are legit

Reviews of Southern Pacific Brewing’s food offerings have been mixed, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that the sage fries are a winner. Huge portion for only $4, or upgrade your sandwich/burger’s normal fries for 50 cents. Salty, which goes well with beer, and the sage goes well with hops, which are in beer. For what it’s worth, the ham sandwich was also bangin’. I’m officially a fan.

12 Responses to “Sage fries are legit”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    Agree on the sage fries. As of a couple months ago the burger was completely tasteless.

  2. scum says:

    Three of us went recently and the fries, grubbing. The burgers were pretty good as well.

  3. motowaki says:

    wow, way to stay current. these fries have been “legit” for months now.


  4. Don’t they also have brussels sprouts with bacon? mmmmmm

  5. Ben says:

    Can’t speak for the regular burger but the blue cheese variant is killer. They semi- recently started selling growlers at real good prices, too. I wasn’t sure about them at first but they’ve got their act together now, I think.

  6. stiiv says:

    The fries are good, the burgers are good, a couple of the beers are good. The rest bounces around the median.

    They need to fix the sound system and figure out their crowd. But hell, I’ll still go.

  7. RonMonster says:

    The sage fries are a disappointment. The place on a whole is “eh.” I only go there out of convenience.

  8. genea says:

    New Menu starts today!!

  9. genea says:

    New Menu started yesterday!

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