Bike swap in Dolores Park this Sunday

Here’s a thing that’s happening this weekend: Chrome Industries is holding their first ever bike swap in Dolores Park on Sunday. Perfect time to get rid of all those drop bars you swapped out for bullhorns, or all of those brakes you don’t actually use. I hear there’s free beer!

9 Responses to “Bike swap in Dolores Park this Sunday”

  1. P.D.Bird says:

    free beer? wonder how long that will last. awhile back we came up on 64 ice cold PBR’s…I walked around the park saying”Free beer,No water” like CBCW James voice. pretty funny. but the beer was gone in less then 10 mins….

  2. Mr. Blackwell says:

    It will last all day because the line will move so slowly, everyone will give up before they get to the front.

  3. Jamin Time says:

    The beer dude sells PBR for $2 each and he never seems to run out. It is amazing how much of a hurdle 2 whole dollars seems to be. People will do anything for free booze….which is weird b/c booze is pretty cheap.

  4. cop says:

    swap with the cop.

  5. BTW last chrome event I went to (a couple years ago) had plenty of free beer and did not disappoint :D

  6. huh says:

    The Chrome site has no further info about this…is it free to sell, etc? Is it mandatory that sellers arrive at 10am?

  7. says:

    PBRs are still flowing @2:30

  8. damian says:

    “beer dude”goes to the corner store on 19th/guerrero and buys the PBR for 50 cents a can/thats why he never seems to run out..while your sitting there….