Evening rainbow

Apparently this evening while I was stuck inside (ugh, buildings, who needs ‘em?) we were graced with some amazing skies that included some rainbows. Thanks to the readers who sent in these pics.

[Thanks, Matthew!]

[Thanks, Amar!]

UPDATE: Here’s one from Alicia!

UPDATE 2: This one from Dana may just be the most spectacular yet!

With more still coming in through the comments.

12 Responses to “Evening rainbow”

  1. Damnit Dana you’re is the best :(

  2. double rainbowwwww! says:

    at the giants game! http://cl.ly/image/3g0e3s282c13

  3. Ivy says:

    whoever Alicia is, looks like you live next door to me. Thanks for taking the exact view I was trying to capture from my roof while hollering to friends on the phone to look outside.

    That was so freaking magical yesterday!

    • Elizabeth says:

      It was very magical. Nice to see my neighbors drop their electronic devices and just stare for a moment. Of course they picked them back up again and started taking all these pictures!

  4. twenty382 says:

    the end is near…ooohhhh (haunted house scooby noise)

  5. timbo says:

    Fucking buildings.

  6. kitzkinbo says:

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