Here comes the rain

As much as I hate to rain on your parade, it looks like the atmosphere is doing that for us anyway. Guess it’s time to dust off those umbrellas and rain boots. Winter is coming.

Also, what happens to baseball when it rains?

Evening rainbow

Apparently this evening while I was stuck inside (ugh, buildings, who needs ‘em?) we were graced with some amazing skies that included some rainbows. Thanks to the readers who sent in these pics.

[Thanks, Matthew!]

[Thanks, Amar!]

UPDATE: Here’s one from Alicia!

UPDATE 2: This one from Dana may just be the most spectacular yet!

With more still coming in through the comments.

Apparently thunderstorms are to San Franciscans what earthquakes are to Midwesterners

At least according to every Facebook and Twitter newsfeed I happened to lay eyes on last night.  Everyone had something to say about the thunder, either regarding how awesome or terrifying it was, but the most striking sentiment came from a friend’s FB post:

It made me realize that in the 6 or 7 years I’ve lived in SF myself as well, I can’t exactly remember experiencing a thunderstorm either.  I guess they just don’t happen here ever?  I could have sworn that they were commonplace when living in Berkeley before that, but perhaps that’s an invented memory too.  At the very least, nature’s sonic performance last night finally gave all the East Coasters and Midwesterners something to be smug about!

[Photo by trophygeek]


But damn, did it EVER rain last night!

Ariel was pretty happy that it did NOT rain yesterday, as was I since I did not get absolutely soaked on my bike ride home from work like I did the previous evening.  However, is it just me or were any of you woken up at around 4am this morning by the LOUDEST rain storm (sans thunder) that you’ve ever heard?  Seriously, it was a deluge out there–it sounded like there was a waterfall outside of my window!

Please tell me that I’m not crazy.

[Photo by land of entrapment]

It did NOT rain today

At least not where I was. It was mostly supposed to. Nobody’s complaining though. Except dehydrated people/things.

It Did NOT Rain Today

Supposed to rain tomorrow, we may even get a thunderstorm, they say.

Does anyone know any site or app that accurately tracks/predicts the weather in San Francisco’s microclimates? Hyperlocal weather blogs? Neighborhood soothsayers? (weather specific)

The Sky Above

As I walked around this evening the sky had a really nice glow to it.

Cataclysmic Pole Shift This Saturday!

Woah! My iPhone says that there’s going to be a Cataclysmic Pole Shift this Saturday! Who’s excited?

Forecast Widget

Well, according to the stats, some of you aren’t just sucking down content from us using Google Reader. For you, we’ve added a two-day forecast widget to the sidebar. Why? Because your window is soo far from your bed.

The inaugural forecast? “73F mostly clear”


(thanks for the suggestion, Scott B.)

We're Passing Through The Magnetic Field

Stay on target… Almost there…

(And WeatherBug, no Mission station? WTF?)