Chickens from the chicken store now free to wander the neighborhood with impunity apparently

Here’s one now, browsing the shelves Mission: Comics & Art

[via Wordfury]

11 Responses to “Chickens from the chicken store now free to wander the neighborhood with impunity apparently”

  1. Grizzled Mission says:

    I’m seeing a bit of a pimp walk.

  2. DJM says:

    I love to rap with that dude.

  3. tack says:

    Oh yeah. That’s the cluckeños. They run that block. I haven’t seen any other flocks around there and the pecking order is brutally enforced.

  4. trixr4kids says:

    aha! this answers my question about some unidentifiable shit on the sidewalk i just saw.

  5. wordfury says:

    that’s my picture! i was just standing there and oop, there’s a chicken. he’s from the beekeeping store/apiary next to mission comics, allegedly! he’s got loads of swag, look at his fluffy legs

  6. Leef says:

    Also capture by local artist Josh Ellingson around the same time

  7. yohans says:

    I love that chicken! Even though he always pecks my hand.

  8. SXL says:

    That’s Eddie!

  9. nahefir says:

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