How can we keep the Mission cool?


14 Responses to “How can we keep the Mission cool?”

  1. KyleM says:

    By posting thumbnail sized images of stuff that can hardly be made out?

  2. DomPara says:

    Or it will just make the Mission blow even more.

  3. someJuan says:

    Looks like a parabolic heater to me.

  4. Brillo says:

    Someone tried to “like” the Mission, but they became a fan instead.

  5. the wolf says:

    that WAS the coolest thing in that area;unless ya count the drunken hoboes;an the cat(s) lurking in the dark to bash your car window in an grab those $19.95 sunglasses ya left on the seat(hopefully your visits are no longer leaving their lap-tops on the back seat;along with their gym bags with their cell-phone;and student loan paperwork…so-o-o-o- 1995!!!!)