Muni lines return to Mission Street starting tomorrow

Muni’s colossal Mission Street updgrade project, which detoured buses off of Mission Street and onto South Van Ness and wreaked havoc on the lives of commuters and neighbors alike for longer than I care to try to remember, is all done!

Mission Local reports:

Parking spots, bus lanes and bike lanes remain largely unchanged, since most of the infrastructure repairs occurred above and below Mission.

“One notable change will be the new bus bulbs at the 24th Street BART plaza and curb ramps along Mission Street,” said Murillo. Bus bulbs are concrete extensions of the sidewalk that allow buses to pickup and drop off passengers without having to pull over.

Starting tomorrow, we’re all back to normal. Adjust your routines accordingly.

Read on for lots more background and info.

[Map by Mission Local]

12 Responses to “Muni lines return to Mission Street starting tomorrow”

  1. Jeremy says:

    That also means today is the last day to enjoy biking on the silky smooth new Mission Street pavement without having to worry about Muni!

  2. Andy says:

    …I don’t think I rode the 14 or 49 more than once the entire time. Bicycles/Motorcycles FTW!

  3. SlobDog says:

    Which just means all the BS returns to my “stoop”. Mission Street is already too busy with traffic. Poor city planning. More blocked driveways as usual then for me.

  4. Andy says:

    Did anyone else notice that they moved service to Van Ness to make improvements to Mission like…4 to 6 months ago, yet they didn’t do any work to Mission till last week? Also, MUNI should consider keeping the 49 on SVN permanently as an alternate corridor, leaving the 14 free to clog Mission, unfettered by competition.

    • Mark says:

      Andy, that’s not true—I walk to work via Mission everyday and I’ve certainly seen them tearing up the street for months. The paving that occurred last week was only part of the project, which included work on water mains, base repairs and curbs, among other things.

    • Herther says:

      Don’t encourage that!!!! I’m SO happy to be getting my street back… since muni was rerouted here it has become a filthy, trashlined, disgusting and annoyingly crowded street. Mission can have them back. I didn’t move to that street for a reason. bye bye muni and good riddance!
      Oh and the section of Mission that I live by didn’t seem to be worked on until recently either but I did notice sections here and there throughout the past few months.

    • MrEricSir says:


      Don’t call it that.

  5. Herther says:

    uuuuuuuuummmmmmm… 14 and 49 muni is still on S Van Ness… wth???

  6. Chris says:

    Total con job. The buses are still flying down South Van Ness Ave. Thanks for your honesty MUNI.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      What are you talking about? I take the 14/49 all the time, and it’s been back on Mission street for months now.