Matty Luv lives

It’s been 10 years and a couple weeks since Mission punk hero and Hickey frontman Matty Luv passed away.

Celebrate by writing more graffiti, or by getting the recently issued Hickey retrospective compilation, or by reading about how Hickey raged against the commercialization of punk (and the Voodoo Glow Skulls).

[via Male Awareness Day]

4 Responses to “Matty Luv lives”

  1. Actually… no, he doesn’t live; he overdosed on heroin 10 years ago. What a fine example he was to all the Mission Mission comment writers who worry about “the commercialization of punk”.

    Oh, by the way, “punk rock” was commercialized from its very beginning in the mid-70s, thanks to Malcolm McLaren and The Sex Pistols — thanks bundles, lads! It was AWESOME “rock ‘n’ roll”, but it was COMMERCIALIZED up the fucking wazoo.

  2. Wu-Stang says:

    He created the S.F. Needle Exchange and saved many lives in doing so. He may have lost his own too dope, but that was a chance he took. He was a great guy – R.I.P.

  3. El Faralito says:

    Life is cheap, but living is expensive…

  4. Nickel says:

    I have the 7″. It’s hysterical.