The song by Thee Oh Sees that I played five times last night on the jukebox at Rock Bar

Rock Bar’s jukebox of course is famously curated by the crew at Aquarius Records, and they do a great job. A nice mix of old stuff and new stuff, most of which you don’t see on other jukeboxes. Sure, with those internet jukeboxes at other bars, you can play almost anything you want — but you can’t play this Oh Sees song:

Note that at Rock Bar (and on the CD and on Spotify) the song is called “Corrupted Coffin” because some track listings got mixed up.

They’ve also got Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall and Chelsea Wolfe and the Mallard and the Monks and Blasted Canyons and on and on and on.

11 Responses to “The song by Thee Oh Sees that I played five times last night on the jukebox at Rock Bar”

  1. PN says:

    Let me take this opportunity to point out that the jukebox at Dear Mom sucks.

  2. Jon says:

    I have two theories:

    1) you hip youngster are just making fun of us aging post-hip post-youngsters


    2) there’s a new drug around that I haven’t heard of (because my hearing is not what it used to be) that’s amazing

    either way, who could listen to that shit once???

  3. asds says:

    Smoke DMT… then play Run DMT

  4. kiya says:

    I was also there last night, must have missed you.

  5. Sfnola says:

    Can you give us a rundown of all the drinks you ordered as well? How about what you ate for dinner?

  6. Chalkman says:

    My disdain for the term “curated” can not be properly expressed……unless you are running a museum or art collection, “selected” or “set up” are just fine…..

  7. ND says:

    I am a regular at Rock Bar, my great new neighborhood bar. Jukebox is … interesting. But I happen to know for a fact that this post is BS because there is no Thee Oh Sees on that jukebox, and you’d get tossed for trying to play a single track on repeat. Maybe you were mixing them up with Ty Segall.
    Not only that but you incorrectly identified the title of the song as “Corrupted Coffin” even though it says “Stinking Cloud” right there on the video.
    Good lord.

  8. ND says:

    Whoops, misread the part about the song title, I retract that second half of the statement.