Roof over gas pumps tipped clean over

Here’s basically what I found at the end of yesterday’s awesome rainbow:

So, watch out for falling gas stations I guess.

UPDATE: Mission Local says the collapse very well “could have caused an explosion.” So, watch out for exploding city blocks I guess.

UPDATE: Here’s a much cuter picture of the carnage.

[All photos by xtina]

4 Responses to “Roof over gas pumps tipped clean over”

  1. 21st Street Mansion says:

    A Christmas miracle.

  2. Downtheblock says:

    Most likely this was a combination of the VERY heavy rain that was happening right the (went down about 3:15) and clogged drains. Explosion?? Ya know, Obama COULD have won the election because of an explosion too.

    Bishwas Lamichhane is a gas station attendant not an authority by any means to what caused this. If you looked at the damage, it is nowhere near the pumps or anything else. If it was an explosion, it was one of those cold ones that leave no burn marks and have no apparent source. .. Explosion, more like trying to cover that they never have cleaned the drains.

  3. roof cleaner says:

    Fortunately nobody got hurt.