Special report from SXSW: Here’s a picture of Carson Daly playing drums for Thee Oh Sees

Our pal Pavla made us VIPs for this showcase in which Carson Daly was gonna be introducing Thee Oh Sees. I don’t go to many official showcases, but Carson Daly introducing Thee Oh Sees? C’mon. So we get there and he introduces them and it’s awesome, and then they place and it’s awesome — and THEN, for their traditional closer “Dead Energy,” for which they sometimes invite up a guest drummer (such as Nick from White Fence or someting), they invited up Carson himself. I thought it was a joke but it was not. I almost died. Best night ever! Oh Sees rule!

Our colleagues over at Rolling Stone were in the house as well (albeit they didn’t manage to get as close as us) and managed to shoot some video. Watch it here.

There will be more thorough video on Carson’s NBC show next week.

[Photo by Lizbones] [Thanks, Pavla! Thanks, Sony Music Unlimited!]

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