BREAKING: Shooting Tire iron beating onboard MUNI

One person seems to have been injured in the gunfire onboard this 49 MUNI, which occurred at around 10pm on Mission at 22nd St.  According to some shook up witnesses who were also on the bus:

There were a few shots and someone got hit in the stomach.  Then about 6 guys surrounded him and started beating him with little sticks before they all ran off.  I don’t think the guy’s dead though.

Details are still being collected and police are at the scene.


More information has been revealed and apparently our witness was a little more shook up than he thought.  There was no shooting onboard, but rather a savage beating with a tire iron.  Police think maybe the sound of the tire iron hitting a pole or seat led to people thinking they heard a gunshot.  SF Appeal has more details here.

20 Responses to “BREAKING: Shooting Tire iron beating onboard MUNI”

  1. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Jesus. I sure hope the cameras were working on this particular bus.

  2. Liana says:

    Whoa. This is a second incident today (Monday), not the one Sunday night at 10pm?

  3. Lara says:

    This is a separate, second incident. It’s nuts. Meanwhile, an anniversary party at Beretta just a few blocks over….

  4. Little sticks says:

    They beat him with little sticks? how little? This sounds funny. Not as funny as the beretta anniversary comment, but funny

  5. J-Lub says:

    The bullets were little too, I am sure. Still funny? Moron.

  6. truth says:

    i find muni to be more dangerous than walking on the streets at night. there’s no escape and unless someone on the bus steps in, you are outta luck if you get attacked. muni drivers can’t be bothered to call the police, much less stop the bus or interfere. they only get paid $120k/year, they can’t be expected to drive the bus AND contact authorities when someone is getting assaulted, robbed, or killed on their bus and screaming for help.

    • MrEricSir says:

      I’ve been on Muni a number of times when the driver stopped and called the cops. Having a hard time believing that they would refuse to do this.

      If there are really drivers who ignore these situations, you should be taking down their badge numbers.

      • Mike H says:

        But that doesn’t fit the “everything about muni is terrible” narrative.

      • truth says:

        maybe it has to do with which lines you ride, but over the years i’ve witnessed a number of things on the 14/49/9 lines that were violent and fucked up, in which the driver did nothing.

        once on the 14 near 18th/mission a fight broke out between two guys in the back, one of them pulled out a knife and started screaming. an older gentleman said something to him and then he forgot about his first fight and started menacing the older man with the knife, screaming in a rage. at the next stop most of the passengers ran off the bus, including the older man, closely followed by the guy still screaming at him with the knife out. i was sitting in the front of the bus, the driver did nothing, i called the cops.

    • chris says:

      Wow, they make that much a year? I’m driving a bus!

      • truth says:

        the base is around $80k, but they are allowed to game and abuse the overtime rules (i guess allowed isn’t the right word, but no one stops them). the smart ones make around $200k, most make somewhere in between.

      • mmmhmmmm says:

        Yeah and sometimes you don’t even have to had a valid/current license!!!

  7. LenaDumbass says:

    I often confuse swinging limbs with gunfire.

  8. LenaDumbass says:

    Makes sense, since most people are stupid.

  9. LenaDumbass says:

    But what do I know, I am also stupid.

  10. SoAndSo says:

    I was on that bus when it all went down. Yeah, it was a tire iron. Scary shit. As I was fleeing the bus with everybody else, I thought sure I would hear gunshots, but luckily there were none.

  11. mmmhmmmm says:

    …..and that is why I avoid public transportation!

  12. Blah says:

    Around 2am tonight: 3 gunshots at 17th and Valencia in front of t-mobile across from the police station. One guy hit in the chest I think (it didn’t look too hopeful for him). I think another guy was hit but I couldn’t see from across the street. Police had about 5 hoodlums in cuffs on the ground.

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