Singin’ and Pingin’, the party that combines DJ Purple and Berlin-style ping pong, returns to the Mission this Friday!

The original Singin’ & Pingin’ at Z Space last summer drew a crowd of almost 700, and it was probably the mot epic party I’ve ever seen. The holiday edition at Rickshaw Stop (Singin’ & Pingin’ 2) wasn’t quite as packed, but it was nearly as epic. Turns out singing and pinging go together like drinking and dancing. Who knew?

Here’s the official invite to Singin’ & Pingin’ 3:

Everywhere we go, people ask, “WHEN IS THE NEXT SINGIN’ & PINGIN’???” Well, the next SINGIN’ & PINGIN’ is here, folks! And it’s gonna be at the world-famous VERDI CLUB in San Francisco’s Mission District!

DJ Purple’s DANCE KARAOKE mission is going strong at venues around the city and the region, but it’s gonna be an outright SPECTACLE thanks to the big stage — and huge dance floor — at Verdi. Start perusing the songbook ( now, so you’re good and ready when the time comes!

Add to that a couple of ping pong tables and a couple crates of paddles — plus a full bar and the best group of partygoers in town — and we’re in business!

RSVP and invite your friends!

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