Last night’s fire today

18 Responses to “Last night’s fire today”

  1. friend says:

    was puerto alegre on fire?

  2. Travis says:

    What’s with the extraordinary lack of detail on these fire posts?

    Here’s some prompts to get you started.

    * What was on fire?

    * What time was it on fire?

    * What time did it get put out?

    * How much was damaged by the fire?

  3. raleighs says:

    It’s nice they dumped the damage right in the street, blocking the bike lane.

    • jayjay says:

      Screw the bike lane already!

    • meow says:

      Ya, the middle of the sidewalk or road makes way more sense

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        I think the point Raleighs was trying to make is that the bike lane doesn’t make any more sense than the sidewalk or street would.

        • scum says:

          On the sidewalk could be hazard for a person in a wheelchair/scooter or a blind person. A bike rider has full use of the street, so the bike lane makes the most sense.

          • pdbird says:

            I have to agree with you Scum,if the bike lane is blocked we have full rights to the road, inconvenient yes,blocking making passage impossible,no. Believe it or not,just 3 years ago there were not many bike lanes around town and you had to ride in traffic.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Yeah, that’s actually a pretty good point.

    • jen says:

      Though you view this as an irritant, according to the news, people were displaced. And for that, and the fact that someones livelihood (the restaurant) was jeopordized, perhaps a bit of understanding is in order, eh? Have a good day.

      • mushmouth says:

        Also it is most likely SFFD who dumped material which may re-ignite the fire into the bike lane.

  4. Teotwawki Jones says:

    This blog is on fire!

  5. Loca says:

    SFFD’s priority is in fighting the fire and making sure that it does not re-ignite. They strip out parts of the building and toss it to do so. It is the owner’s job to remove the mess after testing for asbestos and lead, which takes time. Sorry bicyclists, temporary inconvenience for an important job.

  6. William Preston says:

    Only the most arrogant self-entitled reflecto-vest wearing weenie would complain about the burn pile in the street. I ride by it all the time and find myself thinking of the lost treasures of the tenants and the lost wages of the nice brown-haired waitress at WeBe.
    I’m sick of New bike Riders who think they’re onto some kind of revolutionary ish on 2 wheels. Please…you make us look bad.

  7. nathaniel Taylor says:

    Sorry about the damage… and the lively hood…
    and the pain…

    But man went in there with my wife, a month ago and we felt we had tripped back to before burningman, way before any dot com and landed in sf circa 1996. I think my sushi tasted the same…

    I was kinda thinking… they really need to redecorate… sometimes watch out what you ask for?