Local Cellar, the Mission’s first posh liquor store

Amidst all the fanfare about the opening of Local Mission Market (by the folks behind Local Mission Eatery and Local’s Corner) comes the revelation that the group has yet another project in the works: Local Cellar. They’re taking over Jefferson Market, the corner store at 22nd and Florida that’s been run for almost 50 years by the same guy. Inside Scoop reports:

The owner of the building, Ibrahim Muhawieh, has also been running the liquor store for the last 49 years. He’s never had another job. Not too long ago, he came into Local’s Corner and gruffly asked for the owner. [Local Mission Market's Yaron] Milgrom recounts that he thought he was in trouble, but as it turned out, Muhawieh was selling the market and asked Milgrom to buy it.

“He had seen what we were doing at the Corner and he had seen my kids around the neighborhood,” says Milgrom, who lives across the street from Local’s Corner. “And I think he wanted it to be a family business again.” [link]

A nice little story. And what’s more, Local Cellar will traffic in local beers and spirits, as well as homemade syrups, tonics, bitters, ice, and more. AND they’ll do delivery! Look for it early 2014.

[Photo by Less Jokes]

38 Responses to “Local Cellar, the Mission’s first posh liquor store”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    My only hope is that they have canned local farts.

  2. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  3. I hate techies says:

    The coming riots will consume all.

    • Buster says:

      Bring it homie! No keyboard to hide behind:-) You better ask you Mom if you can go outside a to play first.

  4. TJ says:

    “…as well as homemade syrups, tonics, bitters, ice, …”

    $4 toast may soon find it’s match in $10 “homemade ice”

  5. scum says:

    Isn’t there a limit on how many shops one person can own in this neighborhood?

  6. speculator says:

    mad cause me not afford nice place

    mad at make neighborhood rent more

    not mad at hardworking family guy

    not mad at make shitty redundant liquor stores nice places

    = confuse

  7. flipburgerz says:

    he came over because he knew you would pay anything to buy your way into the neighborhood…you clueless man.

  8. flipburgerz says:

    are we supposed to be impressed because your kids aren’t away in boarding school and living in antherton?

    i would bet anything his kids are NOT going to public school in the mission.

    • rk says:

      you’re whining about his parenting now?

      • flipburgerz says:

        do you know anything about the culture/history of 24th st?

        or did you only discover it when wise son deli jumped on the cheap rent and has been making money hand over fist since the day they opened? and existing businesses that actually serve the community struggle to stay open.

        you just don’t get it and it seems you probably never will.
        people are opposing these businesses because all the monied folks flooding the mission, don’t get it either.

        go ahead stand behind the mission turning into the next marina and stand poised to move to the next neighborhood that the working class, artists, bohemians and politicos decide to live.

        • rk says:

          24th street has had a long and varied history.

          did you know that the local mission market building used to be a horseshoe factory?

          i can just imagine you crying about the invention of the automobile, marching down 24th, chanting ‘save the horse shit!’

        • David says:

          El Tonayense, despite having the most delicious (and for years the cheapest) tacos in the city, was often empty. I went there multiple times a week. I loved it. I make the trek to their trucks on Harrison now. But I saw the writing on the wall. They provided a fantastic product at a great price. And no one came.

          Have you ever thought that it’s a two way street? El Tonayense served the community well. The Community failed this business.

          ps The haunted jukebox didn’t help.

        • Gordy Knotts says:

          Existing businesses that actually serve the community don’t struggle to stay open — if they’re struggling, it’s because they don’t serve a large enough chunk of the community. That’s how business works. If you want subsidized or politically protected business for your niche in life, just say so — quite a few of us have no problem with that.

    • Leary says:

      If they did, you’d just be whining about how he’s gentrifying the schools now and making it harder for the poor kids there.

    • alf says:

      Then you would be wrong. but sheesh, he’s doing exactly what previous waves of people moving in have done– start a business, live by the store, work hard, start a family and go to school all in the community. And his businesses donate to the local public schools.
      But really, leave his kids out of it.

    • sfnola says:

      I would not open my mouth about where someone’s kids go to public school in SF. You do know that you can’t just decide to send your kid to your local public school. You do know it’s a lottery system that could have your kid going to school anywhere in the city?

      Sorry if that knocks your off your high horse a bit, but you should probably do a bit of research on the public school system in the city you profess to know so much of the history of.

      • flipburgerz says:

        @sf nola

        uninformed and over opinionated…what a combination (not).

        FYI the mission is a low test score area, which means if he lives in the Mission it is a no brainer to get his kids into a public Mission school.

        i’ll write this part slow for you…please read it slow for better comprehension.

        you want to know who is going to take all the spots in the excellent sunset schools from the locals who actually have lived there for generations???… and moved there specifically when no one else wanted to ( yes believe it or not people lived in the sunset before Outerlands opened) so there kids could get a better education.

        i will give you a hint:

        > they will be driving brand new audi’s with dealer plates, cutting over from 17th street thru the castro.

        times up!

        yuppie/techies is the answer.

        do you see how insidious the problem really is?

  9. SFNative says:

    When is this guy going to go away?

  10. flipburgerz says:

    the owner of “locals corner” (what a an ill conceived name) when twitter/facebook goes the way of yahoo/hp/cisco etc etc. then the sheep will be gone and the remaining millionaires will find the next shiny thing to capture their attention… and he is left with a mediocre over-priced restaurant and an overpriced liquor store.

    btw does anyone here remember “take orders”..well it was an equally ill conceived restaurant that is now the “pork store cafe” on 16th.??

    it was a military themed restaurant that the floor was painted battleship grey and the servers all wore military uniforms. again the owner did not even understand the long history of the mission of anti-war peace activism. well at the time at least, now worshiping excess and the almighty dollar/stock option is taking over.

    unless we stand up and continue the push against the yuppies to get with the program and patronize and support long standing/existing businesses instead of wanting the best of everything at any cost to the neighborhood.

    • Paul says:

      The IPO wave is just beginning. “Yuppies” from around the world will be coming here in even greater numbers. They won’t care what you think.

      I recommend you either build a cabin in the woods or get a better therapist.

    • dave says:

      I remember Take Orders! I stumbled in there for breakfast a couple of times without even realizing what its name or theme was. I hope to God you’re right about this bubble.

  11. InSF says:

    That Jefferson market POS was condoning drug dealers big time. I mean big time. Scum going in and out of his shit shop all the time. So yea, I’ll take an overpriced fru- fru “wine store” anytime over a drug magnet. Good riddance!

  12. flipburgerz says:

    yes, lets clean 24th street with bleach.

    wash away all traces of undesirables ie: working poor etc.

    high-end strip mall disguised as cool.

  13. lurkskatesf. says:

    so another shop the owner is gonna have to continually clean piss, graffiti & shit off of. hahahaha #nevergonnagetit