Chino, the Mission’s first posh dumpling and noodle house

SFist reports:

Noted Mission eatery Andalu will close out a 12-year run on the corner of 16th and Guerrero at the end of the year, Inside Scoop reports. Taking its place will be a new Chinese dumpling and noodle joint called Chino, from the guys who brought you Bar Agricole and taco mini-chain Tacolicious.

No more Andalu! Read on.

17 Responses to “Chino, the Mission’s first posh dumpling and noodle house”

  1. scum says:

    !6th street is catching up to 24th in puke factor.

  2. David HassleHough says:

    Al least we still got the 16

  3. David HassleHough says:

    …th Street Hotel! For when the inlaws visit.

  4. David HassleHough says:

    Double Dutch must die. Their patrons do with alarming frequency.

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, by the same guys that brought you the shitty, shitty, crapshow that is Tacolicious? That’s a good argument for staying away.

    • Zig says:

      I really like tacolicious. Good food and they do their best to accommodate my kid because the owner is a family man too

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        I can’t speak to your second point (although it is worth noting that taquerias in general tend to be very family-friendly), but as to your suggestion that Tacolicious has good food? That’s just crazytalk.

        • Zig says:

          They use higher quality meats than local taq. and the tortillas come from La Palma

          Also, my understanding is the owner is local so I see no reason to not give him the benifit of the doubt.

          Food is Americanized but good. .The name of the place is ridiculous and I wanted to dislike when it moved in but don’t. Have you literally eaten there and thought the food was bad?

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            Yup. I gave it a shot, and found it to be pretentious, overpriced, and of relatively low quality.

          • Valenchia says:

            I will give this place a try. Andalu went way down hill a long time ago, so I am not upset that it is leaving. Tacolicious — while not in any way “authentic” — is pretty good. But I can see how the vibe there would turn people off.

          • sfnola says:

            I agree. I so wanted to hate it when it moved in, but I was surprisingly impressed the first time I was brought there (kicking and screaming).

          • Florida St. says:

            I am so happy to not be alone in my hatred of Tacolicious! I’ve been to multiple locations and always incredible disappointed in the quality, flavors, and service.

  6. kiya says:

    I”m moving to Portland.

  7. Bob Dole says:

    Great, can’t wait for overpriced xia long dumplings and fusion pork buns!