Contemporary map of SF neighborhoods features lots of urine

This map, by unbear, is called “fixed it,” so it’s probably based on some other map. Anyway, it’s pretty good but SO MUCH URINE WTF

[via baby ghost]

UPDATE: It’s a Bold Italic map!

10 Responses to “Contemporary map of SF neighborhoods features lots of urine”

  1. Alai says:

    Well I’m glad the lesbians, at least, met with his approval.

  2. really says:


  3. Hazbeen says:

    Poorly drawn, comically lazy, and soooo 2012.

  4. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  5. pander panda says:

    “it’s pretty good”

    …compared to what an uncreative 8 year-old could do?

  6. Joseph Nicoletti says:

    they forgot the “poop”

  7. BEN VERSLUIS says:

    10/10 HIGH ART

  8. Mariko M says:

    1000/10 FUTURE ART

  9. biglippedkneegrow says:

    I believe …I will try the Urine Chowder. Sounds interesting

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