Thank you for being a (gay) friend

You guys, Looking season finale! Our first season is over, and everyone you thought would hookup DOES! The show decided to avalanche us with some serious shit in the last few episodes, a reward for those who stuck around.

Patrick and Richie are on the outs, remember? The episode opens with Patrick visiting Richie at work because he isn’t returning his calls, and the reception isn’t warm — he’ll call him when he’s ready. Meanwhile, Patrick’s also dealing with boss Kevin, who won’t stop apologizing for trying to kiss him at the wedding, something Patrick is trying to move past quickly. He got other shit going on, you know?

Agustin and Frank are on the outs, remember? Not much progress has been made since last week; Frank wants Agustin to move out on account of the paying the Thor-like CJ for sex, and the decision seems final. Frank even goes so far as to criticize Agustin’s art, calling his shit the musings of a bored rich kid, telling him if he ever follows through with anything, it’ll be mediocre at best. Daaaaaang. Agustin leaves, decides to go on a bender, he chases some pills with kombucha (hee hee) on BART; Patrick runs into him later kinda lying about outside of Dom’s Portuguese chicken startup’s pop-up night.

Dom and Lynn are on the outs, remember? We see Dom running around getting ready for his big night, nervous Lynn won’t make it. When Bakula finally does happen, we see him with a bearded man, potentially a date. Dom clearly isn’t into it, and Doris knows it. We don’t talk about Doris much in these recaps because, in the words of someone like Doris, I just CAN’T — but in this episode she has her moment, telling Lynn that despite all, Dom is worth it. She’s talking about his brattiness as a business partner, sure, but really she’s talking ROMANCE, you guys.

In the dining room, Patrick and Agustin are catching up about P’s woes, when P gets a call from Kevin to come into work. When he gets there, you guys won’t even believe it: Kevin doesn’t even actually need his help on anything! What ensues is your textbook love (lust?) confession: it takes so much effort not to kiss you, I can’t stop thinking about you, THE WORKS (we’ve all been there). Kev goes in for the kiss and while Patrick is initially hesitant, they obviously end up making out, getting naked, THE WORKS. I would go into more detail but what am I, the writer of gay erotica? Get your rocks off elsewhere, reader, I barely understand how this stuff works.

Back at the Portuguese chicken startup pop-up, Dom pulls Lynn aside and apologizes to him for being a dick, Lynn says there’s no need. Dom tells him he hopes they can continue doing something “more permanent,” Lynn thinks they should end their working relationship, Dom goes in for a kiss. Hey buddy! I think we’re talking ROMANCE, you guys.

Later, we catch up with Patrick on his walk of shame home, where he runs into Richie hoping to talk. What ensues is a heartbreaking speech from Richie, about how he’s working through his pride, about how they’re both sensitive about where he’s from, about how he’s thisclose to falling in love with Patrick but he won’t do it if P isn’t ready. Patrick isn’t ready. Tears fall, and by the way, have you ever watched a show where a relationship was this layered? We’re talking insecurities, class issues, emotional immaturity, and it’s all gives your dumb bouncy ball heart a squeeze and a toss.

The show ends with Patrick coming home to Agustin asleep in front of his laptop watching Golden Girls (we’ve all been there). Patrick sits down, starts watching alongside him, and Thank You For Being a Friend plays us out. We are essentially back where we started, with the boys as roommates.

So that’s it for season 1 of Looking! If this was meant to be a show with interesting, complex characters living in San Francisco, whose stories were interesting regardless of them being gay, then mission accomplished. I am intrigued by how casual it all was; I’m glad we all stuck to it, and I’m glad our city has its own show now. Filming for season 2 begins later this year, so please text a babe if you run into Jonathan Groff in the Mission because I just love the way his eyes light up like a Disney prince and I’d like to see that in person.

Okay, now everyone go catch up on True Detective, you’ve earned it.

Spotted in this episode: Willy’s Barber Shop on 22nd and Bartlett, the front of the Make-Out Room, BART, Punjab Restaurant (again).

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  1. bobwhobuilds says:

    Does anybody read these? Such a long write up for a 0 comment (well, 1 now) generating article.

  2. Kat says:

    You guys are so right, I’ll make my next post a photo of a tampon I found on the floor of the Dolores Park bathroom.