Broke-Ass Stuart wants to give you a ‘Capp Street is for hookers’ t-shirt

AND, it was designed by Lil Tuffy, creator of our awesome Mission Mission Bingo Board!

Here’s what Stu has to say:

Personally I believe prostitution should be legalized so we can get rid of pimps, cut down on sex trafficking, and make the entirety of the sex business safer for everyone involved. But until that happens, Capp Street will always be for hookers and now you can get a shirt that says so.

Win one (or purchase one) here.

18 Responses to “Broke-Ass Stuart wants to give you a ‘Capp Street is for hookers’ t-shirt”

  1. Troll says:

    Dumb or dumbest shirt??

  2. one says:

    And tech carpetbaggers wonder why they’re so hated…

    • Google “non-sequitur”. You need to know that before we can discuss your comment.

      • one says:

        Only techdouches and their enablers would design and wear a fuckin rag like this. I suppose it’s a glimmer of hope that these things can’t even be given away.

        • except it was designed by a bartender at the former Pops who’s lived in the mission for over a decade…

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            But… but.. How can that be?! That doesn’t fit in with his prejudices and pre-defined narrative of What’s Wrong With The Mission!

          • of course says:

            Believe it or not people, but there were douchebags in the Mission before the latest tech boom.

    • Tuffy says:

      Heh. Well, I’ve lived here for 18 years and am very vocally anti-tech. Furthermore, I am very pro-hooker/sex worker and anti-pimp.

  3. Samanther says:

    Whitey has been douching it up since the 1830′s That guy Richardson was a total bagger. Look him up – he was the first whitey here and Richardson Bay is named after him.

    • Thomas J. Hemmings says:

      “Whitey”? Really?

      My, but the darkies are getting uppity lately!

      You sure you want to go there, Sambo?

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Really? Are you trying to pretend that “Whitey” is a slur white people care about? What next, trying to argue that “Honky” actually offends anyone?

      • Samanther says:

        I am a Whitey. But you got issues!

        • Thomas J. Hemmings says:

          Which kind of whitey? White Power whitey or self-hating whitey? Maybe I got issues, but at least I’m a person, not a (imaginary) color.

  4. JAY says:

    Lived on 16th-17th Capp most of my life. I’ve seen a lot of shit on that street growing up. Prostitutes getting beat up and dragged by their hair, almost left for dead. One prostitute was ran over and killed at 16th and Capp on the corner on purpose. I remember looking out my balcony and seeing a drive by shooting. Several druggies found dead in their cars parked. Glad I no longer live there and was able to get out without being influenced by all of the nonsense around.

  5. Bon Temps says:

    Terrence totally worked for dotcoms in the 90s. He’d work for the google in a heartbeat if they gave him the printshop.

    90s Techdouche.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      You say that as if there were something wrong with working for a tech company. There is not.

  6. Bon Temps says:

    I don’t think that’s anything wrong with that, at all.

    Apparently Terrence does. He’s very anti tech, nowadays and totally wasn’t a dot com techdouche carpetbagger with a large loft apartment in the 90s, in the revised history of Lil Tuffy.

    Carry on!