I had margaritas and enchiladas at La Rondalla just now

That is all. Just wanted to say it out loud since for so doggone long it seemed like it would never happen ;)

4 Responses to “I had margaritas and enchiladas at La Rondalla just now”

  1. Silmonster says:

    I went there today- had been waiting forever. I had a margarita made by Margarita! And her hibiscus ones are phenomenal!

  2. sftico says:

    Well, it’s happening. This site has gotten so self-referential, and enough of the interesting people have been pushed out of the Mission, that it’s now reduced to pointless posts about “what I ate”. I remember seeing those on Facebook six or seven years ago. I notice most of the recent posts have very few replies, too. Goodbye.

  3. salsa says:

    Was it as horrible as it used to be? By horrible I mean: did the margarita smell like paint thinner, and the enchilada like ammonia?

  4. Howard Cosell says:

    **** **** **** Crickets