After being closed for literally 1 million years, La Rondalla finally set to reopen

Mission Local reports:

Carlos Barrios and his daughters, Betty and Luna, said Tuesday that the restaurant has passed all its building inspections and is now awaiting clearance from the Health Department.

They expect to be open at the end of February. [link]

Finally! Gosh, whole generations have come and gone, whole industries have boomed and busted — and La Rondalla just laying there dormant. Can’t wait!

That being said, we’ve reported that La Rondalla “is about to reopen” like a million times over the years. Hopefully this time it’s forreal.

29 Responses to “After being closed for literally 1 million years, La Rondalla finally set to reopen”

  1. what says:

    The “Previously” on this story is amazing. La Rondalla is perfectly trolling the Mission.

    “La Rondalla returning ‘by June at the latest’
    Posted May 4, 2012″

    La Rondalla is finally going to reopen!
    Posted Sep 12, 2011

    La Rondalla is open for business! (Almost.)
    Posted Jun 14, 2012

    La Rondalla is seriously almost ready to open this time, seriously, any day now
    Posted Sep 11, 2012

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Oh man. I really hope this is true, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  3. Sam says:

    Haven’t been here since the early to mid 2000′s (I forget, am I even thinking of the right place?), and even then meh.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    They had the best margaritas in town. Assuming they still do once they re-open, It’ll absolutely go back on my list of places-to-go.

  5. Are those the proprietors in the picture? Maybe a little accountability will make all the difference…

  6. COMG says:

    I’ll come back if they re-open!

    Naw, I won’t. Well, maybe for the weekend.

  7. Mobity Mosely says:

    I wish they’d call it Betty Barrios because that is the greatest name ever.

  8. poor.ass.millionaire says:

    No offense, but this family represents the epitome of inefficiency, and intellectual laziness. I’m actually beginning to think that the tamale lady may be one up on these bozos, albeit with the exaggerated help of supervisor Crapos and his minions.

    First off, I was around when the original restaurant was around- besides being a cheapo margerita place for genX pre-hipsters, the food was crap, and the place looked dumpy and dirty. Just lazy.

    Then they get shut down. And….wait for it…they can’t get their shit together for 7 years!

    I will give credit in one way: I’m quite sure that Carlos, as incompetent as he has been, was at least smart enough to buy the building (or someone in la familia did.). Otherwise no chance in hell these guys would be paying rent for 84 months sans restaurant!

    So good going there. But please, stop trying to cut corners with cheap-dumb contractors and get your prime location ‘strant open again. And while you’re at it, hire a decent chef to make some clean, fresh and interesting food. We don’t need another totally average/forgettable Mexican restaurant in the hood. Thanks.

  9. I hate idiots says:


  10. MissionBernal says:

    Doesn’t matter if they open next week or next century, after personally experiencing their cockroach problem there’s no way I’d ever set foot in that place again.

  11. Zig says:

    They are sitting on a very lucrative business. They need to literally just do what puerto Alegre does. Passable Tex Mex and margaritas

  12. Chalk man says:

    Latin American Club is making good pint sized margaritas now

  13. SAH says:

    I have to say, this sort of thing (and the eternal closure of Delanos, Real Food up in Noe, and countless other commercial places) illustrates the problem with Prop 13 being applied to businesses. I liked La Rondalla just fine before, but this place could have been providing jobs, tax revenue, etc for that last decade. And crazy that they could hang on to the liquor license for this long without using it.

  14. Kelly says:


    I just at the this resturant this past weekend and this place is rasist. I would never eat here again. I tried to contact the manager but the number listed on this website says not in service.