La Rondalla not coming soon (but still coming)

Mission Local is following the progress closely:

Betty and Luna Barrios, the grand-daughters of La Rondalla’s original owner, have toonce again delay the re-opening of their family restaurant. Earlier this week, crews were busy putting tiles in the dining area.

The Barrios have had to apply for a liquor license transfer with Alcohol Beverage Control and that permit is pending.

They now expect to open by June at the latest.

Read on for more pics.

5 Responses to “La Rondalla not coming soon (but still coming)”

  1. friend says:

    sweet! june is soon in rondalla time. i hope it looks as cool as it used to

  2. Garçon à la Carte says:

    dude i gotta get at that disco ball…

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Psyched! Can’t wait for the return of their delicious margaritas!