Represent your favorite local infrastructure

Tired of the incessant Sutro Tower worship, Britta made these rad buttons celebrating our lesser-known local infrastructure.

I managed to get one of the last Bernal Towers (known to locals as “Sutrito”), but she was unsurprisingly fresh out of the more dreamy Mission Telco. Hopefully we’ll get a few more buildings by the second run! I’d personally like to throw SFFD Station 9‘s training facility into the hat.

We were into Mission Telco waay before it blew up, BTW.

One Response to “Represent your favorite local infrastructure”

  1. ChairmanJim says:

    There was an earlier post of a photo with three buildings small, medium, and large. I noted then that the large building was the telco switch. 824 is the best 415. I’m sad I’m not credited.