Planet of the Apes 2 shooting in North Beach today

Meanwhile, the reviews are coming in for Blue Jasmine.

Frameline’s LGBTQ film festival kicks off tonight at the Roxie and the Victoria

Just in time for Pride, which is just around the corner! And seriously, when was the last time you saw something at the Victoria?

Frameline37 will be showcasing documentaries and narrative features from over 30 countries, and will also be screening films at the Castro Theatre and Rialto Cinemas in Berkeley. Notable films and events in the festival include a film adaptation of Michelle Tea’s Valencia, a retrospective screening of But I’m a Cheerleader, that James Franco-produced documentary on the Armory and, another new James Franco project, a spotlight on Queer Asian Cinema, and more.

Here are all of the films screening at the Roxie, and all of the ones at the Victoria. Check out the Frameline37 website for full schedules.

‘Petey and Ginger,’ the documentary about an Oh See and his acquaintance Ginger

If you’re a fan of Thee Oh Sees, you should see Petey & Ginger, screening at the Roxie this week as part of DocFest. Made for Danish television I think, it’s a 60-minute portrait of the director’s two American friends, one of whom is Oh See Petey. Its very loose thesis seems to be something about the American economy’s effects on creative types in the ’00s, but mostly it’s fun to get a few little behind-the-scenes glimpses of Thee Oh Sees at work (and at play).

At the premiere on Friday, Petey was on hand for Q&A after the film. He’d just had four shots of whiskey — which seemed fair seeing as how it was his first time seeing this feature-length documentary about himself — so his A’s were more entertaining than they were illuminating. I asked what it was like being able to leave his day job a few years back for a full-time job as a rockstar, and he giggled some and rocked back and forth a few times and slurred something about a European company buying the dildo distributor he used to work for. It was lots of fun. (Film festival rule of thumb: always go opening night for the Q&As!)

The movie is preceded by a short, Brute Force, about this musician Brute Force who worked with the Beatles for a second before slipping into obscurity. It stars him and his daughter, Daughter of Force, and shows what they’re up to nowadays in NYC. This movie is a gem.

Here’s Brute’s big (long-lost) hit:

Both films screen again Thursday night at 9pm, at the Roxie. Get tickets here.

Woody Allen’s latest film features Cate Blanchett having a nervous breakdown in the Mission

Remember those good ol’ days when Woody Allen was in the Mission making a movie? The film opens next month and is called Blue Jasmine, and the first trailer is out, in which Cate Blanchett refers to an apartment nicer than yours as “homey” and another guy refers to the neighborhood as a “big comedown” from what rich people are used to.

SF DocFest starts today!

SF DocFest, SF Indie’s 12th annual documentary festival, starts today and runs through the 23rd. The festival kicks off tonight with the west coast premiere of Spark: A Burning Man Story at the Roxie Theater.

Notable and relevant film screenings include:

And there’s plenty more, so be sure to check out the full schedule (or just The Roxie’s schedule, if you don’t want to leave the neighborhood).

When Kevin Bacon was a San Francisco bike messenger

Our good pal Kate reminded about this gem from 1986 that stars Kevin Bacon as a hotshot stockbroker who loses it all and becomes a bicycle messenger on the mean streets of San Francisco.  Check out the trailer to also catch a glimpse of him racing a young Lawrence Fishburne down some speedy SF hills!

Also, more people need to be doing this in front of bars:

Psychedelic Film Night tonight at Rock Bar features Monkees, Beatles, Hendrix and Zappa

If you wanna drink some drinks and trip out to the Monkees’ Head, the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Hendrix’s Rainbow Bridge, and Zappa’s Baby Snakes, head for Rock Bar tonight!

RSVP and invite your friends!

Bicycle Film Festival invades SF all weekend

There’s an opening party on Friday, a full program of rad biking films on Saturday, and a race at GG Park on Sunday, with an afterparty at (where else?) Bender’s.

Check out all the details here, and RSVP and invite your friends here.

La Bamba 2 and more premiering at the SF Underground Short Film Festival Saturday night!

And it’s hosted by Peaches Christ and Sam Sharkey, so you know it’s definitely going to be a raucous occasion!  The fun starts tomorrow at 7pm at the Victoria Theatre, and you can check out all the details and also get tickets here.

The Disposable Film Festival starts tonight at the Castro!

The Disposable Film Festival returns! And it’s a new era, according to their official press release:

“The whole video landscape has changed since DFF launched 7 years ago. Back then, making a film on your cell phone was a weird, experimental idea. But now the revolution has happened and disposable has completely mainstreamed, with films like SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN shooting on iPhone,” said Festival Cofounder and Executive Director Carlton Evans. “Our focus has changed with the times too. We’re still committed to showing fresh approaches and techniques, but the days of counting pixels are long gone. Disposable is the new reality of filmmaking.’

Be there as the festival kicks off tonight at 8pm at the Castro Theater with the Competitive Shorts program. Get advance tickets here!

And remember, festivities continue throughout the weekend.