Mini Cupcake Clash


SF Food Wars is hosting another competition on Oct. 18th.  This time, it involves executing cupcakes.  Wicked Pissah.

They have already issued their call for competitors and tickets (limited to 170) go on sale Monday, so get ready to reg up.


Pie Content


Yes, I know Omnivore Books is in Noe Valley, but it’s a pie contest that any group of enterprising individuals with no sense of class and self-respect can turn into a pie eating contest. Word on the street is that they had a lot of sign-ups and it is happening tonight (6-7pm), so get ready:

Bake any kind of pie you wish (and as many as you want), cut it into bite-size pieces, and come show off your skills! Free to pie entries, $5 for those just wishing to eat and judge. We need LOTS of bakers this time for a successful contest, so step on up. Winner splits the door money with us!


Coming Soon: Mission Minis Retail Store


The word on the street is that Mission Minis, the golf-cart delivering organic cupcake bakers, will be opening up a retail store at 3168 22nd Street (between Capp and Mission).  I tried to reach them by phone to corroborate and get more details, but they are treating me like a drunk girl from the bar and not returning my calls.  Tears.  (link)

UPDATE: Mission Minis owner, Brandon, just gave us a shout.  They are aiming to open October 1st (permits willing) and they’ll be selling about 8 flavors a day, almost all for a $1.  They even have vegan and gluten-free flavors, including a vegan banana cake / maple glaze that SOUNDS AMAZING.