Behind the Scenes at Mission Pie

Pie party!  Fill ‘er up.

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Pie Baking Contest Takes the Cake

It’s not every day that you can stuff your face with delicious pie without looking like a total piggy, but Sunday provided the perfect opportunity. October 11th marked the 3rd annual pie baking contest hosted by our fave pie shop, Mission Pie. This year’s contest was decided by a panel of distinguished judges; Ruby – Mission High student, Anthony – Anthony’s Cookies, Jessica Appelgren – last year’s winner, and Krystin & Karen – owners of Mission Pie.

The competition was fierce this year, but in the end Finch Linden walked away with “Best Looking Pie” (apple), Lauren Nilson won “People’s Choice” (salmon/ potato), Emily Montgomery grabbed “Best Savory” (tomato/ corn) and “Best in Show” went to Kurt Gross (apple/cranberry). Congrats to the winners!





But the big news of the day was that our state senator Mark Leno swung by and presented Mission Pie with a business of the year award. Well done guys!
Can’t wait for next year, I’m already drooling in anticipation!


See more pics of the pie madness here

-Ashleigh Cole

Pie Contest at Mission Pie THIS SUNDAY



3rd Annual Pie Contest Sunday, October 11th

All are welcome to enter. Pie submissions will be received between 1:00pm and 2:30pm. Judging between 2:30 and 4:00 and winners announced soon after. This year’s judging panel includes Jessica Appelgren, last year’s first prize winner who has since gone on to claim the Blue Ribbon at the San Mateo County Fair! We will be welcoming a special guest at Mission Pie that day, too.


Pie Content


Yes, I know Omnivore Books is in Noe Valley, but it’s a pie contest that any group of enterprising individuals with no sense of class and self-respect can turn into a pie eating contest. Word on the street is that they had a lot of sign-ups and it is happening tonight (6-7pm), so get ready:

Bake any kind of pie you wish (and as many as you want), cut it into bite-size pieces, and come show off your skills! Free to pie entries, $5 for those just wishing to eat and judge. We need LOTS of bakers this time for a successful contest, so step on up. Winner splits the door money with us!


Pie Art

There is a new mural up outside Mission Pie. Whenever I walk by these signs, they remind me of some sort of prospective student college brochure where current students and kindly professors try to charm me into sending in an application. These posters are convincing, “Yes, now that you suggest it, I will attend Pie University.” All freshman would enroll in either taste testing or pie baking. Exams would probe my understanding of the subtle differences between Reddi-wip, Cool Whip (which now comes in a can!) and actual whipped cream. School uniforms would be aprons; pie tins would fly whimsically through the air, tossed by the ultimate frisbee team; and although old, our teachers would be “crusty” in a good way.

The murals were created by Anne Hamersky who details her art here. Here’s to desperately hoping that her last name rhymes with “pie.”