Pie Art

There is a new mural up outside Mission Pie. Whenever I walk by these signs, they remind me of some sort of prospective student college brochure where current students and kindly professors try to charm me into sending in an application. These posters are convincing, “Yes, now that you suggest it, I will attend Pie University.” All freshman would enroll in either taste testing or pie baking. Exams would probe my understanding of the subtle differences between Reddi-wip, Cool Whip (which now comes in a can!) and actual whipped cream. School uniforms would be aprons; pie tins would fly whimsically through the air, tossed by the ultimate frisbee team; and although old, our teachers would be “crusty” in a good way.

The murals were created by Anne Hamersky who details her art here. Here’s to desperately hoping that her last name rhymes with “pie.”

7 Responses to “Pie Art”

  1. katie says:

    wow! cool whip now comes in a can? When i was a kid, all our leftovers were put into coolwhip containers … when i think of cool whip, i only associate it with frozen ground beef casserole.

  2. Lael says:

    well, there are worse things to associate cool whip! and in case you were wondering, it tastes just as delicious from a can as it does from the tub. and not at all like frozen ground beef casserole.

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