Stare-Down In the Lion's Cage

While crossing that neat (but sometimes frightening) pedestrian overpass connecting Vermont and Kansas over the James Lick Freeway near 22nd Street, this intrepid photographer experienced an epic confrontation with a wild animal in its natural habitat.  Luckily, he wasn’t mauled during the encounter and can continue to provide the public with fantastic shots of San Francisco, like this one!

Check out the largest size to witness the beast at bay as it stares deeply into your soul.

[Photo and Title by bats...]

Grant Earl LaValley


This is Grant. He draws bats and shit! His show “Oew Nld” opens at Tartine tomorrow night (I’ll be photographing it, come after nine, brave the throngs of mean art bros and buy me birthday pie).

More images on Tartine’s Flickr.


-Mollie C