Why You Should See the Opening Act

I understand the impulse to show up late, just in time for the headliner. Have some cheaper drinks elsewhere, avoid the sweaty masses until the last possible moment.

Problem is, you just might miss out on something great, like Ed Schrader’s Music Beat. They opened for Dan Deacon last night and the night before, and slayed both times.

Dan ruled too, but you knew Dan was gonna rule. Ed Schrader and company were a surprise — and what’s more fun than a surprise? Also, their merch (see below) was better than any of Dan’s stuff by far.

I’m serious, you guys, it’s more fun to discover a new band in person than it is to discover them in the pages of Pitchfork.

Probably the Best Artist Q&A I’ve Ever Read

Open Space interviews Russian artist Anna Parkina, who appears at SF MoMA on Thursday evening as part of Noise Pop 2011:

Do you collect anything?

No. I have nothing to say about it. I don’t collect anything. Sorry.


What’s your favorite tool? Why?

I like tape. I very much like different kinds of tapes. I like glue, I like paper, and scissors.

What should I be asking you?

I’m Russian and when I go to another country, usually they ask me some questions about Russia and Russian politics and I’m surprised when it doesn’t happen this way. I would expect you to ask me this question.

Do you want to answer that question?


Read on. Do read on.

Event info here. RSVP and invite your friends here.

Tickets Still Available for Dan Deacon Tonight at Noise Pop 2011

How is that possible? Listen to this guy:

CONTEST: Win Tickets to the Noise Pop Culture Club (Featuring Kid Koala, No Age, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and More)!

This is a picture of Nick Zinner and friends performing selections from their book Please Take Me Off The Guest List at the Uptown in Oakland last year. It was badass. Nick and the girl play trippy music while the other guy reads snarky hipster poetry. But it’s good snarky hipster poetry. Lucky for you, they’re coming back to reprise their performance at the Noise Pop Culture Club on February 26th. And we’re giving away a pair of free tickets.

Noise Pop describes its flagship event in full:

The Noise Pop Culture Club takes the Noise Pop experience and brings it all into one location over two very special days. The Culture Club brings together creative individuals from the community and beyond to participate in a series of exciting presentations on independent culture in its many forms. In addition to the talks there are plenty of hands on experiences and opportunities for participants to delve into their personal creativity. Pop ‘n’ Shop, our local designer fair, will also be a part of this very special weekend.

Confirmed Speakers and organizations include:
Kid Koala, No Age, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), DJ Nickodemus, John Wesley Harding, Flavorpill, Isotope Comics, Cinemasports, The Masses, Rebar, Jason Jagel, Yak Films, Turf Feinz and many more.

Alright! For a full schedule and tickets see here.

To WIN a pair of tickets, leave a comment below explaining why you will benefit from the Culture Club’s workshop-style format more than anyone else. We’ll pick a winner based on merit by Friday at noon.

And if you’re still having trouble getting excited about the festival, The Bay Bridged recently published a pair of kickass mixtapes to help get you in the mood.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to No Age at Noise Pop 2011

Yeah, that was pretty badass when No Age were on Letterman last month. But you know what would be even more badass than that? WINNING free tickets to the No Age show at Rickshaw Stop on February 26th (part of Noise Pop 2011). (Ooooh, and Grass Widow are one of the openers!)

Leave a comment below explaining why you deserve a pair of tickets more than anyone else, and we’ll pick a winner based on merit by Thursday at 5pm.

More info and tickets here.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to Kid Koala at Noise Pop 2011

Kid Koala rules, dude. And as part of Noise Pop 2011 he’s playing Mighty on the 25th. You can get tickets here, OR win a pair by leaving a comment below explaining why you deserve them more than anybody else. We’ll pick a winner after 5pm Monday.

(By the way, Kid K. is also appearing on the 26th at this thing called the Noise Pop Culture Club where rock stars host workshops and stuff. We’ll be giving away tickets to that some time in the next couple weeks, so keep reading closely.)