“Fair warning” to hipsters and yuppies

A new tag on Samy’s Liquors at 24th and Bryant makes some pretty clear threats to a couple broad swaths of people. It instructs to kill hipsters and yuppies, two hard to define groups that were often derided among taggers in the last decade, but makes no mention of techies, the neighborhood slur du jour.

This is my fair warning to the hipsters + the yuppies!!
Get the [fuck?] Up Out the MISSION!! Before this [shit?] starts getting UGLY!!
you got 6 Months, Keep it Kickin!! If you don’t, it won’t be funny!
I Guarantee my Soldiers will GLADLY Come Out GUNNIN!!

My relationship status with The Mission: It’s complicated

Backward Public Service Announcement Invites Backward Tag Too?

Saw this across from the Chronicle building while waiting for the 26 to take me back to the neighborhood. It’s a bus shelter ad, mistakenly aufblasbarer wasserpark installed backward. The question is, is the tag backward too? I hope it is. Click the picture to make it much bigger.