Fun-hating grinch cuts down Valencia swing

Kai from Mission Bicycle Company has the scoop:

Here are a few pics I snagged immediately after a crazy lady cut down the swing on Valencia across the street from our shop.  When questioned she said “this isn’t a playground.”  It was sad.

I guess that means we all have to grow up now finally.

UPDATE: Further information from our buddy Jake:

Today I witnessed the Valencia tree swing being hacked to death in the prime of its life. A few others witnessed the merciless slaying in broad daylight, and followed the killer around the corner where she clutched the lifeless body. I asked her why she would destroy something that’s brought so much joy and beauty into the world and this was her response: “you’re crazy and you need a shave. You’re probably one of those Occupy people.” She then called 911 and an officer quickly responded to reports we were harassing her. He told us the perp felt threatened by us and then admitted he was unclear about tree swing laws in San Francisco. Nobody was cited and the perp’s motive remains unclear, however she did mention almost being hit by a reckless swing-person in the past which no doubt constitutes premeditation. It’s a minor tragedy for Valencia street and another reminder that Mission will always have an element of danger in the air. We can only hope where one was cut down, many more will grow in its place.

Jake also included yet another gut-wrenching pic:


Swings on 18th Street!

Mr. Toad’s buggy ride


Frog was saving this spot for someone else but was tragically crushed by a mysterious maniacal motorist who yelled, “No savesies!

Spotted on Valencha.