18th and Church Long Exposure; Anxious for Summer

I’m always a sucker for a good intersection long exposure.  Especially when you get a ghost of a car in the frame.  But really, shit like this makes me anxious for April.  I was just laying around the park the other day, you know, the one that was sunny, and couldn’t help but feel like I was right at my summertime home.  Sure, the water in the soil soaked through my clothes, I was only offered weed once, I saw less beer than people and I couldn’t help but look at the woman buying ice cream and think “look at the balls on her” as mine climbed up into my lower abdomen for warmth.   But this park is still in the prime of its life.  All this rain and January weather has made the grass green and plentiful, geared up for a little summer-time abuse.  A midnight wheelchair race down the hill.  Irrate neighbors.  Police issuing citations.  DJs all day Saturday.  Jedi warriors standing up for justice.

Bring it on, 2010.

(photo by tkamenick)

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